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Removal of Pin Setting and Set of Rear Legs from Genetic Evaluation Services
July 22, 2016

As you may be aware, in May 2016 the CDN Board of Directors approved the GEB recommendation to terminate the calculation and publication of two type traits, namely Pin Setting and Set of Rear Legs, starting with the August 2016 genetic evaluation release. 

These two traits were being calculated using the same classification data as for Rump Angle and Rear Legs Side View, respectively, with the objective of expressing the evaluations on a “desirability” scale.

For your information, CDN has prepared a special “communication/extension” article on this topic for circulation and for background to inform your staff and producers/clients, both in Canada and internationally.  You can access this article in your language of preference, as usual, via the appropriate link below:

English: Click HERE

French: Click HERE




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