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Reminder: Alberta Barn Cow of the Year Award
September 7, 2016

Reminder the deadline for the Alberta Barn Cow of the Year Award is September 16, 2016.
The Southern Alberta Holsteins Clubs Barn Cow of the Year Award Rules are :

– $10 per entry with no more than 2 entries per class per farm.
– No more than 8 entries per farm.
– Entries may not have been shown as a Lactating entry at any show.
– Entries may not have more than 12 hours of milk at time of judging.
– No clipping or fitting.
– Entries must be home bred and owned
– Must have proof of 100,000 kg milk at time of entry/registration

If you have any questions please contact Aaron at (403) 335-3922 or Debbie at (403)335-3922



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