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Registration Open for the 2015 North American Manure Expo: “Manure Than You Can Handle”
May 28, 2015

The North American Manure Expo is returning to Pennsylvania and promises to provide “Manure than you can Handle.”

  • The event is presented by the Professional Nutrient Applicators Association of Wisconsin, University of Wisconsin Extension Nutrient Management Team, and rotates around the upper midwestern US (and now Canada).
  • The Manure Expo has grown to an annual educational and demonstration event. 2015 is the 13th Expo; the event has been hosted by Wisconsin, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, and Pennsylvania in the US and Guelph, Ontario, Canada.
    The North American Manure Expo is returning to Pennsylvania and promises to provide “Manure Than You Can Handle.”
  • It is an honor to showcase Pennsylvania area’s agriculture by bringing this international show to our state. The Manure Expo highlights the latest in manure and nutrient handling and application technologies by bringing vendors to a common event where side-by-side comparison through display and demonstration can occur.
  • Strategic placement of a temporary mini-manure city in a field just off Interstate 81 in Chambersburg will allow easy access for the entire mid-Atlantic region. The field is owned by Lesher’s Poultry and is located off Lesher Road, right along I-81, behind the Hampton Inn and Bob Evans restaurant.
  • It is expected that this Manure Expo will break all previous expos attendance records.
    July 14, 2015 – Tour Day
  • Attendees can pre-register to attend several full-day tour options.
  • One tour will focus on manure handling and technologies on area dairies, while another will focus on poultry operations. A third small farm/equine tour is in the planning stages.
  • All tours will meet up at a dairy farm for vendor demonstration of manure agitation equipment, including stationary and boat technologies. Demonstrations of manure dragline technologies will occur at this final stop as well.
  • After the demonstrations, participants will return to the show grounds where they can visit trade show vendors and attend educational sessions through the evening.
    July 15, 2015 – Manure Expo “The Main Event!”
  • The day will be packed full of vendor displays, educational opportunities and manure technology demonstrations.
  • Vendors will conduct field demonstrations of both solid and liquid manure spreaders. Choose carefully because we plan to offer “Manure than you can Handle.”

Help Create the Expo T-Shirt

  • A T-shirt will be created with the 2015 Manure Expo slogan on the front: “2015 North American Manure Expo: Manure than you can Handle.”
  • For fun, the back will include the Top Ten Rejected Manure Expo Slogans.
  • Feel free to submit your suggested rejected slogan for consideration (contact information below). A team of highly qualified manure experts will wade through submissions and pick the best (or worst?) you can generate.

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