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Red & White Calf Raffle to Support the RWDCA Scholarship Fund
May 21, 2013

Someone will be the winner of a RED or RED CARRIER calf!‚ĶWill it be you? Tickets are now available for the 2013 RWDCA Scholarship Raffle Calf! This year‚Äôs calf raffle is buyer’s choice of 10 unique deep pedigreed RED and RED CARRIER heifers. Raffle Calf brochures are available on request.

  • Meyervilla Holsteins: A December Polled Redburst heifer¬†¬†¬†from Meyervilla LB Bobby P-RED. Her next two dams are VG and her fourth¬†¬†dam is Meyervilla Sept Brooke-RED EX-91 who was the 2006 Wisconsin ¬†¬†¬†¬† 4-Yr-Old Top Performer.
  • Del-Hollow Farm: Redman on the Jodie family could be¬†¬† your choice. This April 4th, 2012 model is a Valleyriver Ruben Redman out of¬†¬† Fradon Ruloph Jodie-ET*RC EX 90-2E-CAN 12* Jodie was nominated Global Cow¬† of the Year in 2008 and has 10 EX and 13 VG daughters.
  • Manannah-Valley¬†¬†Holsteins: She is¬† Mysticalview Misbehavin-RED a Septemeber 23, 2012 model sired by Melarry¬†¬†Destry Doug-RED out of Manannah Mystic Rose-RED VG-87. Mystic Rose-RED was¬†¬†Nom. All-American Red and White Fall Yearling in Milk in 2008 and was¬† Junior All-American Fall Yearling in Milk as well.
  • Emerson Farm: A full age Picolo fall calf from¬†¬†Erbacres Rubens Libby-RED EX 94. Libby was 2nd 5 Yr-Old at the Grand¬†International Red and White Show in 2007 and the Winner of the Kingsmill ¬†¬†¬†¬† Futurity in 2005.
  • Golden Oaks Farm: Pick this choice and you have a¬†¬†choice of two Always-RED March calves from Windsor-Manor Reva-RED EX-92-2E. ¬†¬†¬†¬† Her second dam is Windsor-Manor Rubn Ruby-RED EX-94-3E, who has 10 EX¬†¬†daughters and was 1st Jr-3-Yr-Old at the Eastern National Red and White¬†¬†Show in 2003.
  • Briar Holsteins: Offering a possible Homozygous¬†¬†Polled Remake P-RED August 17th heifer. She is backed by nine generations¬†¬†of VG or EX dams. Potential 10th generation of this family to be VG or EX,¬†¬†she is Briar Remake Misty P-RED.
  • Empty-Pockets &¬†¬†Thyen Farms: A¬†¬†December 23rd Debonair from Miss Thyen Advent Ina-ET*RC VG-85. The ¬†¬†¬†¬† maternal sister to her dam is Miss Thyen Durham Image VG-87. Could be the¬†one for you.
  • Scenic-Edge Holsteins: A fall calf for the fall, she is¬†¬†Scenic-Edge Cinnamint-RED a Durham-RED daughter out of Scenic-Edge¬†¬†Cinnamon-RED VG 85. Followed by Scenic-Edge AD Carmel *RC VG-88 and then¬†¬†Scenic-Edge Julieanna *RC EX-92-2E. Same family as Scenic-Edge Joyful-RED!
  • Scenic-Vale Holsteins: Scenic-Vale Jet Spry-RED-ET is a¬†¬†fall calf for you? She is a Fradon Jet-RED heifer from Jerian Advent¬†¬†Sassy-RED VG-89 DOM. Her next dams include: Jerian Leadership Sherri*RC EX ¬†¬†¬†¬† EX-90-2E then Jerian Milestone Sherry*RC EX-94-4E GMD DOM and then Jerian¬†¬†Rookie Sunshine EX-94-3E GMD DOM.
  • Obers Acres: One of few offerings from the Tobi¬†¬†family. A October fall calf sired by Picolo from Peachey Absolt ¬†¬†¬†¬† Tango-RED-ET then three more generations of EX 93, 92, and 94. Then none¬†¬†other than Ernest-Anthony SD Tobi-ET EX-96-3E DOM. Reserve All World in¬† 2001 and All Canadian and American 5 year old in 2001.


The winner of the calf raffle will be announced at the 2013 National Red & White Convention, prior to sale on August 15th, hosted by the Darren and Heather Carlstrom, held in Dunkirk, New York. Additional prizes include a Benelli Nova 12 GA Shotgun, Painted Rocking Chair, Canadian True Type Red & White Cow and a wine basket. Tickets will be sold for $100 with only 200 tickets sold and will be available to you when you contact the RWDCA office or any RWDCA National Director. Proceeds go towards the RWDCA Albrecht Memorial Scholarship Fund 501-c 3 and the 50th National Red & White Convention that will be held in 2014.

For more information, please contact Dana Erway, RWDCA Scholarship Committee Chair at 814-274-8862, John Schmitz, 50th National Red & White Convention Chair at 320-420-2432 or the RWDCA Office at (608) 676-4900 or 4909 or by following us on our Facebook page at

Founded in 1964, the Red & White Dairy Cattle Association has been located in Crystal Spring, Pennsylvania since 1975 and Clinton, Wisconsin since 2009. The RWDCA strives to encourage and promote the progressive breeding and development of superior Red & White Dairy Cattle by providing breeders with information, programs, and services to help track, evaluate, and improve the breed from one generation to the next. The Association is based on the principle of an open herdbook and currently serves over 1,300 members. For additional information, you may contact the RWDCA at (608) 676-4900 or 4909 or visit


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