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Ratliff Jerseys has excellent classification
January 20, 2018

Ratliff Jerseys, Garnett, KS, recently had an excellent classification day. Alicia, DeJa Vu & Porscha daughters had a super day. Most of their herd now is out of these 3 cows.

Ratliff Jerseys

Ratliff Price Alicia EX-95

Ratliff Action Angel-ET – EX-94 @ 7yrs. She was All American Milking Yearling & one of the 1st out of Alicia
Ratliff Tequila Shot Glass-ET – EX-94 @ 6yrs
Ratliff Action Addie-ET – EX-94 @ 8yrs. 1/2 sister to Alicia
Family Hill Minister Nora – EX-95 @ 9yrs
Ratliff Impression Annabella-ET – EX-92 @ 5yrs. Her dam is Alicia
Premier Joy Of JCB EX-93 @ 5yrs
Ratliff Impression Delite-ET EX-92 5 years old
Page-Crest Gator Miss Me EX-91 4 years old
Ratliff Excitation Pricilla-ET EX-90 Sr.3 out of Porscha
Ratliff Excitation Petunia EX-91 Sr. 3 out of Porscha
Spatz Applejack Baylee VG-88 4th at All American Sr. 3 1st calf
Ratliff Gold Angie VG-87 Jr.3 1st calf dam Avelanche
Ratliff Premier Dancer VG-87 Sr.2 calved 1 month dam DeJa Vu
Ratliff Tequila Dazzled-ET VG-88 Sr.2 dam DeJa Vu
Ratliff Tequila Radiance VG-88 6th WDE Milking Yearling
same family as Alicia
Ratliff Dually Atlee-ET VG-86 fresh 1 month Dam Alicia
Ratliff Velocity Alpha-ET VG-87 7th WDE Milking Yearling
Dam Alicia
Ratliff Apple Jack Ansley-ET VG-89 Res. All American Milking Yearling Dam Alicia Ansley looks amazing & is due back
Ratliff Premier Adeen VG-85 Dam Alicia
Ratliff Sambo Darian VG-86 Dam DeJa Vu
Ratliff Lexicon Daisy-ET VG-86 Dam DeJa Vu


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