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Pinehurst Farms – 10,008 Miles, Success and Memories to Last a Lifetime
December 27, 2012

1976 When it comes to success on the show circuit it would be hard to duplicate Pinehurst Farms year of 1976. The show year was mapped out with a purpose of promotion. Seldom seen, the end resulted in the sale of just one animal paying for the entire tab of a show year. A year encompassing ten shows, several thousand miles and enough banners, trophies and wall plaques to fill an already overflowing office wall with memories that would last a lifetime for the players involved.Brilliant and calculating was the leader of an assembled group of very young, some untested, but eager caretakers for a show herd that was a blended mixture of homebred and purchased cattle. When being loaded on the semi each animal had a defined purpose from its own individual potential to a member of a group class that meant so much when promoting herd sires that would be exported for several times the dollar amount that a very large show circuit would cost. Amazing that such a plan crafted to last over five months with so many cattle and people involved came off without a hitch. Considering the youth and unique personalities of the group makes the undertaking even more remarkable.. see the rest of Norm Nabholz story here


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