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“Oblique” Progeny Perform Well This Round in Ayrshires
December 6, 2016

This December release is relatively stable in Ayrshires as the breed leading sires and cows remain the same group as last round.

The Top 5 LPI sires all change less than 40 points and stay firm with Orraryd at #1 LPI (also #1 Fat and Protein) and the next four placings are still held by Peterslund, Kellcrest Riesling, T-Bruno and Roi Tennison-ET, respectively. Two bulls previously among the Top 30 LPI realize significant gains as Labrie Jukebox-ET (Oblique x Jerry) increases 130 points to #8 LPI (from #21) and Laroc Oreo (Oblique x Peterslund ) increases 182 LPI points and 4 points for Conformation resulting in a jump from #29 to #12 LPI. On the other side of the coin, Duo Star Armani-ET (Percy son out of Duo Star Amour-ET) loses 125 LPI points from his first official proof last round and slips from #5 to #15 LPI. The highest newly proven sire this round is Selwood Allset (Oblique son out of Selwood Peterslund Pokie), who debuts at #35 LPI.

For cows, the group of six breed leaders for LPI remain unchanged with the duo of Kamouraska Orra Xuby and Margot Chocolate-ET staying solid at #1 and #2 GLPI, respectively. Des Fleurs Orraryd Pardon-ET manages to creep from #6 to #3 GLPI spot, forcing Margot Charade (dam of Chocolate and 10 other cows among the Top 400 GLPI) into #4 GLPI position. Kamouraska Orrad Youdez holds on to #5 GLPI while Duo Star Armada-ET slips two notches into #6 GLPI. The Top 10 GLPI list this round is completed by Kamouraska Peterslund Ruby (#7, dam of Xuby), Kamouraska Jupi Uby-ET (#8, daughter of Ruby and maternal sister to Xuby), Margot Cabotine-ET (#9) and Des Coteaux Rockstar Alexandri at #10 GLPI. In addition to the successes of Oblique sons mentioned earlier, he is also the sire of the highest newly indexed cow this round, namely Ramco Oblique Sam at #17 GLPI. Also of interest is the arrival of two newly indexed cows, both daughters of Mapleburn Remington-ET, that take over tied as breed leaders for Conformation at +19, namely Des Prairies Pandora 2-ET and Ayr-Phoe RE Perfecta.


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