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“Ninja” and Daughter Infiltrate Top 10 LPI Lists in Guernsey
August 11, 2015

This release sees the arrival of Lang Haven Ninja (Natural x Tiller) as a young sire graduate that achieves #10 LPI status. The trio leading the breed for LPI remains firm with Pine Ridge Double L-ET in #1 position followed by Trotacre Enhancer Lewis ET and Myown Poker Bingo-ET, in that order.Idle Gold E Challenge increases to take #4 LPI from #7 to surpass Rozelyn Enhancer Jordan ET who maintains his #5 LPI ranking. Also of interest is the first domestic proof for Flambeau Manor Tiller Les-ET (Tiller x Enhancer) that lands him at #12 LPI. A daughter of Ninja, Comfort Farms Maitai, is the highest newly indexed cow this round with an amazing debut at #2 LPI (tied #7 Fat), right behind the reigning leader Glen Haven Lewis Lana at #1 LPI (#1 Protein, #3 Milk, #3 Fat). The Top 5 LPI cow list is completed by Eby Manor D L Indy in #3 position (#4 Fat), Comfort Farms
Sienna at #4 LPI, up from #9, and Glen Haven Double Bubble (dam of Lana) at #5 LPI.



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