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New Zealand Worst Hit in Milk Price Crash
August 22, 2015

NEW ZEALAND – Market factors have left Kiwi dairymen the most exposed to the dairy price crash of all the key exporting countries, says Rabobank.

A new report for Rabobank clients – Dairy Industry Note – Riding out the storm – has said New Zealand prices have been “hit far harder” during the global dairy price slump.

This has resulted in businesses having a “truly awful” winter season.

Rabobank New Zealand CEO, Ben Harvey, said: “In this cycle, the pain has been asymmetrical, with New Zealand at the sharp end, and so far pretty alone.

“This has been for a combination of reasons – including a relatively strong New Zealand currency position, our small domestic market and New Zealand dairy’s exposure to China and to whole milk powder, which are the worst-hit markets.”

By Michael Priestley, News Team Editor
Source: The Dairy Site


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