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New Pink Perfect Udder® Colostrum Bags for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
August 27, 2015

To help find a cure for Breast Cancer, Dairy Tech, Inc. is producing Pink Perfect Udder® bags
and will be donating $15 to Breast Cancer Research for each kit sold of our 4 Liter Pink Perfect Udder® bags. Each Kit contains 50 Perfect Udder® bags and your choice of nipples and/or esophageal tubes to attach to the bag for feeding colostrum.

The Pink Perfect Udder® bag kits are available for a limited time, while supplies last. Colostrum is pasteurized, stored, warmed and fed to newborn calves while in the Perfect Udder® bag, never needing to be transferred after pasteurization to another container. Pasteurization has been proven to eliminate Johne’s and other dangerous pathogens while retaining the IgG in colostrum.

For more information and to order your Pink Perfect Udder® bag kits call 866-384-2697 or go to

Source Dairy Tech, Inc.


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