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New EX96 Point Cow at Gloryland Holsteins
January 5, 2016

David Tait of Gloryland Holsteins in Grottoes, VA is pleased to share the news of the newest EX96 member of the Lana Rae family, Gloryland Lexie Rae-ET, who has obtained this hallmark at thirteen years of age.Gloryland-Lexie-Rae-ET-web500Gloryland Lexie Rae-ET was born October 4, 2002. She is an Ocean-View Sexation daughter of Gloryland Lana Rae EX95, followed by six more generations of EX cows, including Tony Rae, Roxette and the Queen of the Breed, Roxy EX97.

Congratulations to the Tait family, and everyone at Gloryland for their long-standing successes with this family, and the achievements of Lexie Rae.


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