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Minnesota Farm Fined $30,000 for Manure Leak
June 15, 2015

A central Minnesota cattle operation has been levied a $30,000 fine after contaminating tributaries to the Crow Wing River, its second fine in five years.

Crow Wing Feeders, near Albany, allowed manure runoff containing E.Coli into “impaired water”, the Star Tribune reported last week.

Cattle accessed a small creek and were housed on unpermitted areas of land, leading to manure discharges in water courses and a breach of Minnesota Pollution Control Agency requirements.

Violation also included improper stockpiling of manure and application of manure, resulting in excess nitrogen and phosphorous being applied.

Back in 2010, Crow Wing Feeders was fined $15,000 dollars for revealing construction and expansion plans without proper permits and manure discharges.


Source – The Dairy Site


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