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Midas-Touch Genetics joins Cowsmo’s Breeder Links
May 25, 2018

We would like to welcome Midas-Touch Genetics to our Breeder Links. To view their Facebook page for updates and happenings around the farm click HERE.

Midas-Touch Genetics is located in Waddington, NY. Their main goal is to breed cattle that make them proud.

“Whether it be show winning type, high genomics or a great cow for the barn, the cow families we work with will make it happen for you.”

Alongside Opportunity Genetics, Midas-Touch is currently gearing up for the Golden Opportunity Picnic which will be held in conjunction with the NYS Holstein Summer Picnic and the Golden Opportunity Sale on Saturday, July 7th, 2018.

To find out more information on the Golden Opportunity Picnic Edition visit their Facebook page HERE. 




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