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Mert Sowerby Summer Internship Position Available
January 27, 2015

The American Guernsey Association has announced plans to offer a summer internship as its headquarters facility in Columbus, Ohio during the summer of 2015.
This position is sponsored for and named in memory of Mert Sowerby, a previous Guernsey and dairy enthusiast.  The intern will primarily be working in the records department at the main office.  However, the intern will also have limited exposure to Purebred Publishing functions, the Ohio National Convention meeting and sale activities, and Guernsey Marketing Services duties.  Resumes are due to the headquarters office by March 15, 2015.

Current or enrolling college students pursuing a bachelor’s degree in dairy science, animal science, agricultural economics, agricultural communications, or related agricultural fields may apply for the internship.  It would be helpful if applicants were familiar with cattle pedigree information.  Knowledge of and skills with computers would be necessary. This internship timeframe is somewhat flexible, starting approximately in mid-May and ending mid-August, but those dates are negotiable depending on the intern’s schedule.  For more information or to submit a resume for consideration, please contact the AGA office at 614-339-5396, or e-mail


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