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Mastergen breaks the mould with high calibre modern sires for £10
January 6, 2015

Recently launched breeding company, Mastergen, has broken the mould when it comes to price and quality genetics by launching four high calibre bulls for the New Year, each at a cost of just £10.

The four young genomic bulls are the Freddie son, Franklyn; the Suran son, Suledo; and two sons of Bookem – a red carrier, Bookmark RC and a heterozygous polled, Burus P. The bulls represent the Holstein breed’s most modern pedigrees, transmitting outstanding performance at a level which would usually have a price tag to match.

But Mastergen has reduced the price to an unprecedented low for bulls of this calibre, in keeping with the company philosophy of passing operational efficiencies on to the farmer.

The performance of the four bulls is summarised in the table below and reveals an average Profitable Lifetime Index (PLI) of £491, Type Merit at +2.43, Fertility Index at +6.4, Predicted Transmitting Ability for milk at 306kg, and all with positive fat and protein %.


BULL PTA milk kg PTA fat % PTA protein % Fertility Index Type Merit £PLI
Franklyn 376 +0.07 +0.02 +11.3 +1.78 £533
Suledo 554 +0.07 +0.03 +1.9 +1.99 £505
Burus P 71 +0.07 +0.06 +5.4 +2.99 £421
Bookmark RC 223 +0.05 +0.09 +6.8 +2.96 £503



Franklyn’s pedigree reads Freddie x Planet x Shottle and it’s no surprise that he brings a massive PLI of £533. High quality milk and daughter health and fertility are a speciality, while their moderate stature and good body condition will ensure they’ll be profitable, easy-to-manage and long-lasting.

Descending from seven generations classified VG or EX, Franklyn’s dam, Brandt-View Posey VG86, is a former top 50 Net Merit cow and has also ranked in the top 100 genomic TPI cows in the Holstein breed. With a family track record of breeding successful sons, the bull’s grandam, Brandt-View Shottle Fern VG86, has at least six sons active in AI


Suledo is another elite bull offering exceptional value for money, and with a sire stack reading Suran x Gerard x Goldwyn he represents a departure from the norm. With 10 generations of VG or EX dams behind him, many members of the family are being contracted for AI. Although a show-winning track record is an attraction (in particular, his fourth dam, Mauricienne Rudolph Nike EX92-3E 12* who was All Atlantic Five Year Old Mature Cow and Reserve Senior Three Year Old and has over four EX and 14 VG daughters to date) Suledo’s Type Merit of +1.99, £505 PLI and over 700kg milk add further appeal.

Burus P 

Burus P is a heterozygous polled Bookem son (Bookem x Marnie x Lawnboy), with a Type Merit of +2.99 and a PLI of £421. With this pedigree and genetic potential, farmers looking for the polled gene will not have to compromise their herds’ genetic potential.

His maternal grandsire, Marnie (a son of Mac) has 444 daughters in 129 herds, a PLI of £426 and a Fertility Index of +10.6. Like his grandson, he is also positive for fat and protein, indicating the depth of performance through Burus P’s pedigree.


Bookmark RC 

The final bull in the quartet is the red carrier Bookem son, Bookmark RC (Bookem x Destry x Shottle) whose balanced sire stack and solid index will appeal to both black and white and red and white breeders. Offering excellent type transmission, seen in his Type Merit of +2.96 and a PLI of over £500, daughters will produce high quality milk and have outstanding health and fertility.

His pedigree – featuring one of the most recognised red cow families in Europe and six generations of VG or EX dams – includes his popular grandam, Apina Massia 102 EX90, who has three sons active in AI. Despite being on flush programmes to fulfil her contracts, Massia gave 12,655kg at 4.04% fat and 3.48% protein (305 days) – well above breed average and a high record for a red and white.

“Our team has worked hard to bring farmers bulls of this calibre at such a low price, and we’re delighted to be able to do so as farmers look to save costs,” says Alison Dunphy, Mastergen MD. “It’s a combination of good negotiation with our suppliers and a lean and hard-working team in our Somerset office which has enabled these bulls to be sold for just £10. We’re delighted to be able to pass our savings directly back to the farmer who we hope will appreciate cutting his breeding costs without compromising his herd’s genetic potential.”


The four bulls are available from mid-January 2015 at £10 per straw. Tel: 01823 430317.


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