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Master Breeder 2016 Profile: Carldot Farms
February 21, 2017

In April, Holstein Canada will honor the recipients of the Master Breeder Award for 2016. One herd being honored is Carldot Farms, Stratford, ON, with their third shield. Read more about Carldot Farms here.Read more Cowsmo Master Breeder profiles on Cowsmo!

MasterBreeder16_Carldot_LARRY KRANTZ

Larry Krantz of Carldot Farms

Carldot Farms of Stratford, ON is owned and operated by Larry Krantz, along with some part-time help. The herd includes 125 head, housed in a new sand-bedded free-stall. They moved into this facility, with a Lely Robot, on November 2nd, 2016. Currently, the herd has a classification breakdown of 10 Excellents, 42 Very Goods and 15 Good Plus individuals and the herd production is at 244M-256F-230P.

"Juno," part of the robotic workforce

“Juno,” part of the robotic workforce

They feed a TMR, consisting of haylage, corn silage roasted beans and a protein mix. They grow 45 acres of oats, 40 acres of soybeans, 122 acres of corn and 100 acres of hay and haylage, while the protein mix and minerals are purchased.

In addition to the new free-stall cow barn in 2016, recent improvement include a new open-front heifer barn built in 2011.

Within the herd, three cow families stand out as being the most influential: Carldot Gibson Electricity EX, Carldot Lee Carmen EX and Willsey Outside Ivory EX. When making a purchase, they priorities in selection include looking for good cow families, with high components and milk production. In the past they have done some flush work and sold embryos for export.

The matriarch of one of the most influential cow families at Carldot, Carldot Gibson Electricity EX

The matriarch of one of the most influential cow families at Carldot, Carldot Gibson Electricity EX

When selecting sires, consideration is given to high type, high components, and plus milk. Currently, sires in use include Cinderdoor, Classic and Unix. In the past, Gibson and Outside have been successful in the herd, and more recently, Windbrook and Doorman.

Future plans at Carldot include getting the new barn filled up, to capacity.



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