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ManOMan, AltaRazor and Gillespy, these are your top three!
December 3, 2013

Another proof round is upon us with a bit of a shuffle for the top breed leaders on the Canadian LPI list.
Long Langs OMan OMan, the ever popular Oman son, continues to hold his position at #1 LPI with an impressive +3247, up 101 LPI points from August 2013, the addition of more daughters in milk and more classification scores has helped with these gains. ¬†Mel-Crest AltaRazor, a Baxter son going back to the Ravens sits at #2 with 3006 LPI points with a nicely balanced proof. ¬†De-Su Gillespy, a Bolton son out of a Shottle, is in the #3 position, with 2982 LPI points and stands as the #8 top milk bull with +2553kgs. ¬†Semex’s Sildahl Jett Air, another Baxter son out of a BW Marshall has moved up from #12 to #4 with +2963 LPI points, he’s a bull that certainly excels in all health and fertility traits. ¬†The #1 bull for conformation and now the new #6 LPI place holder is the ever popular Goldwyn son out of the Atlee family, G W Atwood. ¬†He has moved up 10 places from August and now holds +2913 LPI points with 758 daughters on his proof.

Absolute-Red, Lauthority, Windbrook, Seaver, and Aftershock are also among the top sires for Conformation, daughters of which have been seen in the showring for the 2013 show season quite frequently.  Apples Absolute-Red, a Talent son out of the original KHW Regiment Apple-Red, is a bull that holds a very nice linear scorecard, with a +17 for conformation and +18 for mammary system.  Comestar Lauthority, a Goldwyn son going back to the Laurie Shieks has moved up to +16 points for conformation, as has Gillette Windbrook (an FBI son out of Gillette Blitz 2nd Wind, the Holstein Canada 2011 Cow of the Year) and R-E-W Seaver, a Goldwyn son out of a Durham.

If it’s Milk and Components you’re after, then AltaOliver, a Hershel son bred in the Netherlands, is a bull to take a look at, being the #6 milk bull with +2590 kgs and the #5 fat bull with +82 kgs. ¬† Other breed leaders for milk include Luciano, a BaxterxGoldwyn son with +3002kgs, AltaNato, a ShottlexOman son with +2951kgs and then Marion (+2842kgs), Jake (+2807kgs) and Blitz (+2695kgs) which have all been bulls we’ve seen for awhile.









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