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Luncrest Farm Has Great Classification Results
February 16, 2016

Luncrest Farm of Granville, NY hosted the classifier recently for a limited classification, scoring 60 head, with some great results. The day wrapped up with 5 new Excellent cows, including two new 91 points cows, 1 new 92 point cow and 1 new 93 point cow. There were 23 new Very Goods, including eight in their first lactation.
Highlights included:

Luncrest Alexander Wicked, now EX93-92MS. Wicked was the Reserve All-New York Senior 2 Year in 2012, and is the dam of Luncrest Black Widow, the Junior Champion at Harrisburg in 2014.

Luncrest Goldsun Wander, EX91-92MS with her second calf. Wander is Wicked’s sister, and was the Reserve All-New York Junior 3 Year Old in 2015.

Luncrest Jordan Messin, now EX92-95MS

Luncrest Monreal Michi, scored EX90, five days fresh. Michi was the HHM All-New York Senior 2 Year Old in 2015.

Luncrest Jordan Mexico, now EX90-92MS

Luncrest Gabor Mayday, Now EX90-91MS.

Messin, Michi, Mexico and Mayday are all from the Lundy’s “Mary” family, which accounted for three new Excellents, and fourteen new Very Goods, including three at 88, one at 87, four at 86, and six at 85.

Luncrest Sanchez Bambi, now EX91-91MS, ten days fresh.

Gen-I-Beq Snowman Akiliane, now EX91-93MS with her second calf. Akiliane was the All-New York Junior 3 Year Old in 2015, and placed 5th in that class at the Royal Winter Fair this past fall.


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