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Look to Master Plan To Improve Your Herd’s Genetic Strategy
February 17, 2016

Baraboo, Wis. (February 16, 2016) Accelerated Genetics is excited to release 014HO07682 Stantons MASTER PLAN-ET. Master-PlanHe is a type improver (+2.75 PTAT) and an udder specialist (+3.08 UDC). MASTER PLAN is an ideal approach for improving fertility (+3.4 DPR, +2.0 HCR and +4.0 CCR) and health traits (+5.8 PL and 2.84 SCS). Also, for those looking for high components (+0.13% fat and +0.05% protein), MASTER PLAN fits that strategy.

MASTER PLAN is one of 534HO00025 Mardi Gras’ highest sons for GTPI. He comes from Whittier-Farms Lead Mae-ET EX-95 3E GMD DOM family. MASTER PLAN’s dam, Stantons Uno Enya VG-86, has a great first lactation of 35,620 pounds of milk, 1389 pounds of fat, and 1175 pounds of protein. His maternal line is followed by two other dams with milk production over 30,000 pounds. MASTER PLAN is also Supersire and Robust-free.

Accelerated Genetics is looking forward to the next generation and further development of this great family through your use of MASTER PLAN.

Put MASTER PLAN into action in your herd by contacting your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, call 1-800-451-9275, email or go to


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