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Long Life Award Winner Announced
September 19, 2014
Chalclyffe Iron Arlene, owned by J F Cobb and Sons from Newburgh, Dorchester was announced as this year’s winner of the Genus ABS Long Life Cow Competition at the UK Dairy Day.

“The Long Life Cow Competition was created to celebrate those cows who have made an outstanding lifetime contribution,” comments Genus ABS Cornerstone Manager Hannah Noble, who was part of the judging panel.  “There are many attributes which mean a cow will last longer.  She will suit the management system, she will get in calf regularly over several lactations, and she will be a high producer with good compositional and hygienic milk quality.  Most importantly she will be profitable.
“To farmers, a Long Life Cow has a variety of meanings so the criteria were deliberately left open so participants could describe what they thought made their cow a worthy competitor.”
Born in July 2004, Chalclyffe Iron Arlene calved for the first time in July 2006 at two years old.  She is currently in her eighth lactation and has already produced nearly 114 tonnes of milk in her lifetime and over eight tonnes of combined fat and protein.  She has only lost one month in calving date over the eight lactations, with an average calving interval of 372 days.  She is classified EX94.
“She is an outstanding cow who consistently out performs her herd mates in the 900 cow herd which averages 12,000 litres,” comments Mr Cobb who entered her for the award.  “Alongside her excellent fertility, she has achieved low cell counts throughout her time in the herd.”
This year’s entrants averaged 10.5 lactations each and producing on average 107,312 litres of milk.
Chalclyffe Iron Arlene was selected as the national winner from four regional finalists.  The other finalists were:
•Northern Regional Winner was the Jersey Cow Greyleys talent who is owned by J L Shaw & Son from Elvington, York.  She is in her 13th lactation and has produced 65,243kg at 6.27% fat and 4.12% protein.
•The West Regional Winner was a Dairy Shorthorn cow, owned by J Hole & Sons from Ashover, Derbyshire.  Amber Lovely Lily EX90 28 has produced 104,358kg and is in her 14th lactation
•Northern Ireland Regional winner was Ballydrum Celsius Betty EX91, a 14th lactation cow with a lifetime yield of 131,935kg owned by Mr R Woolsey from Toomebridge, Co Antrim
“I think the competition clearly demonstrates that the modern dairy cow is capable of outstanding production while maintaining good levels of reproduction and withstanding disease threats.  It also showcases the exceptional levels of stockmanship on UK dairy farms.  A cow won’t last this long without top quality and skilled staff taking an active interest in her well-being,” Ms Noble concludes.


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