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Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., joins Cowsmo’s Breeder Tour
May 7, 2018

Lone Pine Jerseys Ltd., joins Cowsmo’s Breeder Tour! Located in Didsbury, 45 minutes north of Calgary, AB, the farm is owned by Adrian and Vreni Haeni, and Vreni’s parents Kurt and Marie-Louise. They immigrated from Switzerland and have been milking cows at Lone Pine for 25 years.

Lone Pine Jerseys

They milk 90 purebred Jerseys, and have around 290 head including young stock and dry cows. The intensive use of sexed semen has also allowed them to sell quite a few cows over the last 5 years.

Breeding decisions are accessed on an individual basis with the goals of production and longevity in mind. They are also using as many A2 sires as they can. Current sires include: Chrome, Dragon, Grandious, Colton, Joyride, Viral, Victorious, Ladd, Casino, Change Up, Touchdown, Nuance.

Some of their favorite cow families go back to:

  • Lone Pine Jude Jocelyn EX 2E 5* (Daughters: 3X, 2 VG, 1 GP)
  • Lone Pine Iatola Twilight EX 3* – 3 daughters all scored EX including Lone Pine Grandious Thunder EX 95 2E (Twilight’s Next Dams: VG-88 2*, EX-91 3E 4*, GP-84 3*, EX, EX 6*, EX 1*)
  • Lone Pine Giller Donna EX-94 6E 3* (Daughters: 1 EX, 3 VG, 1 GP)
    – nominated Jersey Canada Cow of the Year 2016
    – Class Leader for Fat 2017
  • Lone Pine Top Prize Bell EX-91 3E 2* (Daughters: 1 EX, 2 VG, 1 GP)
    Next dams: VG, VG, EX, EX, VG
  • Western Jude Brenda EX 4* – her famous granddaughter Lone Pine On Time Believe EX-94 2E is a
    3X All-Canadian Nominee (Res. All-Canadian Sr 3 2014),
  • Gaymar Surville Dawn EX 6E 4* (Daughters: 2 EX, 3 VG, 2 GP)
  • Lone Pine Sambo Luna EX-95 4E 3* (daughters: 2 EX, 1VG & 1 GP)
    – Next Dams: EX 2E, VG-87, VG-86, EX 3E, EX 2*
  • Lone Pine Klay Elina EX-91 4E 1* (daughters: 1 EX & 1 VG-88 to date)


Check out their Facebook Page HERE for their Mammary Monday feature & more!


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