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Lang and Mertz Offer Choice of +2700GTPI Jedi Calves at World Classic
September 26, 2016

Eric Lang & Donna Mertz have consigned an exciting choice of two +2700GTPI Jedi calves from the ZIP family, to the World Classic at the World Dairy Expo in Madison, WI at 7pm on Friday October 7th.
Eric W. Lang & Donna Mertz, DVM
1832 400th Ave
Brooklyn, IA 52211
Eric Lang…641.990.6977
Dr. Mertz…920.382.7678

Visit Eric Lang’s Facebook Page for more details

Lot 34…First Choice of EDG Jedi ZZ Prock-ET +2706GTPI or EDG Jedi Zolinda-ET +2760GTPI

ZZ Prock is born August 2, 2016 and comes in at +2706GTPI +9.1PL +906NM$, and Zolinda is a July 31st calf at +2760GTPI +10.3PL +889NM$. They are both Jedi’s from EDG Magnus Prock 57309-ET, a +2476GTPI AltaToprock from a VG87-DOM +24175GTPI Magnus. She is followed by a GP83 Dorcy and then six of the next seven generations are VG & EX dams including Windsor-Manor Rud Zip EX95-4E-GMD-DOM.

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2700GTPI Jedi Calves
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