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Kingsway Holsteins Facebook Page has been updated with Exciting Classification News!
July 21, 2018

The Kingsway Holsteins Facebook Page has been updated with exciting information from their recent classification, including 10 new Excellent cows! 

Kingsway Doorman Anaheim VG-88 2yr, Owned with Shockwave & Bardale
Kingsway Solomon Georgeous VG-87 2yr, Owned with Straitside
Vinbert Durbin Army VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Gold Chip Gander VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Solomon Arkus VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Goldwyn A Theo VG-86 2yr
Kingsway Solomon Giselle VG-85 2yr
Kingsway Goldwyn A Tommy VG-85 2yr
Kingsway Byway Esmeralda VG-85 2yr
Kingsway Archrival A Piper VG-85 2yr
1st lactation avg for 15 cows 85.2

Kingsway Doorman Wanda VG-89 3yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Riddler VG-89 3yr, Owned with Hodglynn
Groenway Unix Mascarade VG-88 3yr, Owned with Hodglynn, Glennholme & Trentward
MagicMeadow Y Totally Awesome VG-88 3yr
Vinbert Kingboy Birdie VG-88 3yr, Owned with Vinbert, LilyKing & Trekili
Kingsway Goldwyn Ladonna VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Laurel VG-88 3yr
Kingsway Goldwyn Rachael VG-87 3yr
Kingsway Goldchip Kareem VG-87 3yr
Kingsway Deb Doorman Tammy VG-87 3yr
Kingsway Doorman Attention VG-87 3yr

Kingsway Windbrook Jazz EX-94
Kingsway Goldwyn Elizabeth EX-93
Kingsway Lumi Smashing EX-92
Kingsway Windbrook Courage EX-92
Kingsway Goldchip Arabella EX-91, Now owned by Sagerbrae & Hidden Creak
Kingsway Lavanguard Cataract EX-90
Kingsway Goldwyn Dodie EX-90
Kingsway Goldwyn Delaware EX-90
Kingsway Windbrook Zola EX-90
Kingsway Sid Dilemma EX-90
Sprucecho Shottle Ali EX-92 3E
Grillsdale Sexy Sid EX-91 2E, Owned with Matt Forestell & Trentward
Kingsway Goldsun Donelea EX-90 2E
Kingsway Sid Abba Dabba Doo EX-90 2E
Kingsway Sid Arena EX-90 2E

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March 6, 2018: The Kingsway Holsteins Facebook Page has been updated with exciting information and lot photos and videos for their upcoming Tag Sale, March 14-15 at the farm in Hastings, ON. The sale features exciting lots from the best of the Kingsway, Millen and Aleah herds!

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