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Kenbert Sells 2 Fancy Show Heifers at Alberta Dairy Congress 2014
June 4, 2014

Goldchip Senior calf  from the Beauty’s and a fancy Braxton Summer Yearling from EX Goldwyn headed to Alberta Dairy Congress sale

Lot #25- Kenbert Goldchip Berry Sept 2013 – Senior Calf
Goldchip from Kenbert Dundee Brendi VG-85 x Briana Milan EX 2E 6* x Tony Beauty EX 5E 9*- 4X All Canadian & 3X All-American
Same family as Rainyridge Talent Barbara EX-95 4*- All-Canadian 5 Year Old 2010
Berry’s Goldwyn & Fever maternal sisters scored VG-85 and VG-86 2yr recently!

Tony Beauty at Vancouver Island

Tony Beauty
















Added Lot Balgonie Braxton Baby Girl
Jun 2013 – Summer Yearling Braxton x Brainwave Goldwyn Brecca EX-91 (pictured below) x Birdholm Leduc Brenda VG-87 1* plus 3 more VG or EX dams



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