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Kansas raises a glass of milk as they declare June as Dairy month
June 12, 2014

Gov. Sam Brownback signed the proclamation last week declaring June as Kansas Dairy Month. Glasses of milk were raised in a toast to a month that celebrates dairymen who get milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt and other dairy food favorites from farm to plate. Joining the governor were dairymen, Kansas FFA members and representatives of Kansas dairy organizations, including KLA.

“Kansas dairymen are dedicated to innovation and adding economic value to their communities and our state,” said Brownback. “The growth of the dairy industry means more wholesome dairy products for families in Kansas and throughout the region.”

The dairy industry in Kansas is experiencing continuous growth, expanding at the fastest rate of any state in the nation in 2013. The industry adds economic value to the state through jobs and the more than $592 million in milk produced annually. Kansas dairies produced more than 340 million gallons of milk in 2013.


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