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Junior Bred & Owned Cow Honored as 2012 Star of the Breed
May 21, 2013

Holstein Association USA is pleased to announce  Siemers Alisha Gold Ava-ETS, bred and owned by 18-year-old Crystal  Siemers-Peterman of Newton, Wis., as the 2012 Star of the Breed.

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This  designation is given each year to one Holstein who is a “cow for all seasons,”  possessing both outstanding type and milk production. To be eligible for the  Star of the Breed award, a cow must place in the top five in her class at a  National Holstein Show in the award year, be in a herd enrolled in the TriStar  program and have an official classification score. Once the eligible cows are  determined, the following calculation is used to decide the award recipient:  Combined ME Fat and Protein + Age Adjusted Classification Score x (Breed Average  ME Combined Fat & Protein/Breed Average Age Adjusted Classification  Score).

Crystal describes Ava as “a dream come true for me and my  family.” Born March 3, 2006, Ava has a pedigree to be admired by any Registered  Holstein breeder. Sired by showring legend Braedale Goldwyn, Ava is out of a  Silky Gibson-ET daughter of Tri-Day Ashlyn-ET 2E-96 GMD DOM, the result of some  embryos Crystal’s mother, Sherry, purchased as a foundation for Crystal’s 4-H  project. “I realize that many people spend their entire lifetime hoping to breed  a cow like this, and I am thrilled beyond words to have had so many amazing  opportunities by the time I was 17,” said Crystal.

Ava is classified  Excellent-95 2E, with a 96-point udder, earning a 50 in the breakdowns of  Stature, Rear Udder Height and Rear Udder Width. With an illustrious show  record, the cow has been nominated Junior All-American every year she has been  shown. In 2012, she competed as an Aged Cow in the spring, placing second at the  Midwest Spring National Holstein Show, and came back out in the fall as a  125,000 Pound Cow, placing third at the International Holstein Show. Just as  impressive as her showring accomplishments is Ava’s milk production ability;  this past lactation, she made a 365-day record of 56,330 pounds of milk, with  4.1 percent fat (2,301 pounds) and 3.3 percent protein (1,865 pounds). In total,  she has produced 168,680 pounds of lifetime milk, maintaining component levels  of 4.1 percent fat and 3.4 percent protein.

Crystal has been active in a  variety of Junior Holstein activities throughout her life, competing at the  local, state and national level in shows and other Junior competitions. In 2011,  she was honored as a National Young Distinguished Junior Member (YDJM), and is  currently serving as the Wisconsin Holstein Association Princess Attendant.  After graduating high school, Crystal plans to continue her education at the  University of Minnesota. At their farm, the Siemers family milks more than 2,000  cows, averaging over 30,000 pounds of milk. Aside from the main dairy, they have  a small farm which allows them to provide more individualized care for their  show cattle and other select animals, as well as providing an opportunity for  the kids to work hands-on with the animals.

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