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Jetstream Genetics Releases Three New Sires
June 1, 2016

Jetstream Genetics LLC released three new sires this week, providing elite genetic opportunities across three sire categories: Custom Cut Type Sires, JETSET Priority Genomic Sires and ROBOTIC engineered sires.

The three new sires include:

  • 534HO00062 LAMONT (Atwood x Lauthority): LAMONT joins the Custom Cut Type Sire lineup. He is the #2 PTAT Atwood son available boasting +3.49 PTAT. With UDC +2.65, Stature +4.14, Thurl Width +3.32 and Dairy Form +2.94, LAMONT paints a picture of style and balance. Chief Adeen provides Atwood on the paternal side, while Ravenswell Lydia EX92 DOM 19* provides the pedigree’s strong maternal line. Together these families contribute an unprecedented number of champions, All Americans, All Canadians and national show winners around the world. LAMONT’S pedigree is: Atwood x EX92 Lauthority x EX95 Talent x VG89 Rudolph x VG88 Skychief x EX92 Astro Jet x VG85 x VG88 x EX x VG, completing 10 generations of VG or EX females. LAMONT semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.


  • 534HO00060 CAINE (Supershot x McCutchen): CAINE is a JETSET Priority Genomic sire and ROBOTIC Sire at +2657 GTPI, +2.22 PTAT, +1108 Milk and +736NM$. He also carries the A2A2 gene. CAINE is Jetstream Genetics’ deepest pedigreed sire in the current lineup. He completes 18 generations of VG or EX cows. CAINE’s dam by McCutchen is VG at 2 years. She is recently fresh as a 3-year-old and will move up in classification this lactation. CAINE is Supershot x VG McCutchen x EX MOM x EX Baxter x EX Burt x EX Finley x VG87 x VG87 x EX91 x EX90 x EX90 x VG86 x EX90 x 5 more EX and 1 VG dam.  CAINE semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.


  • 534HO00059 ENGAGE (Capital Gain x Supersire): This new JETSET Priority Genomic Sire carries a powerful genetic punch with +2628 GTPI, +62 Protein, +1923 Milk and +2.69 PTAT. ENGAGE’s dam by Supersire scored VG at 2 years. ENGAGE completes eight generations of VG or EX dams. He is Capital Gain x VG Supersire x VG88 Superstition x EX90 Outside x EX92 x VG86 x VG89 Leadman Glory. ENGAGE is a low SCC sire, positive on PL and fertility. This balance of type and production create profitable cows. ENGAGE’s maternal brother by CASHCOIN is also in the Jetstream lineup — 534HO00038 GLAMOR. Semen is readily available and qualifies for all international markets.


Jetstream Genetics provides breed-defining sires through the technology of genomics — from deep-pedigreed cow families, high numbers, extreme type, extreme production, Red, Polled, and the best sires combining these attributes. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream Genetics secures the most sought-after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers, allowing them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.


For more information, visit HERE or call 1.855.4JETSTREAM (855-453-8787).


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