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Jetstream Genetics Joins a World-Class Lineup at Cogent
August 16, 2016

Madison, Wis., August 15, 2016 — Cogent and Jetstream Genetics LLC are pleased to announce that Cogent is now the exclusive distributor for Jetstream Genetics in United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland.

jetstream-genetics-logo-web700 Cogent-logo-web700The Jetstream portfolio offers breeders a wide array of sires, from breed-leading genomic sires backed by great cow families to some of the world’s highest type sires. Established in 2012, Jetstream has established a strong position in the marketplace built on confidence, reliability, integrity and an exceptional sire lineup.

“We are excited to have Jetstream Genetics join our portfolio of world-class domestic and international sires,” says Cogent’s Genetics and Product Development Manager, Hugh Pocock. “We believe the Jetstream sires will compliment our existing lineup, giving our UK customers even greater choice. We continuously search for genetics that meet our customer’s expectations. Having access to the Jetstream portfolio does just this and now gives Cogent and our clients plenty of variety, from highly ranked sires to high component, type and health trait sires, to ensure a wider selection of genetics for more robust breeding plans.”

“The goal of Jetstream Genetics is to move genetics forward. Positioning ourselves with such an experienced and strong partner as Cogent, it provides both companies the opportunity to prepare for the future of the dairy industry while providing the best genetics and services to the client,” says Roger Turner, Global Sales and Genetic Manager for Jetstream Genetics.

For more information about Cogent and Jetstream Genetics, visit and For questions, contact Hugh Pocock or Roger Turner.


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