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Jetstream Genetics Highlights Reprojet Sires, Their Leaderboard of High SCR Fertility Sires
June 5, 2015

Madison, Wis. — Fertility has and continues to attract attention regardless of geographic location or dairy size. Genetic advancement is not achieved without conception and a resulting pregnancy. Jetstream Genetics’ Reprojet lineup highlights sires with high sire conception rates (SCR). Selecting sires with high SCR is a fundamental way to reduce days open and improve farm economics. Focusing on fertility along with elite genetics delivers a greater number of high-value pregnancies.

Jetstream Genetics strives to deliver profitable genetics for every client, beginning with fertility and the economic importance it has on every dairy operation. These elite sires have the advanced SCR ratings to assist in achieving your reproductive goals:

534HO00022 ITUNES +3.6 SCR – An Epic son from the reliable Wesswood-HC Rudy Missy family.
534HO00009 CASHMONEY +2.5 SCR – An Observer son from the proven S Chassity family.
534HO00026 DEMAN +2.4 SCR – A Mogul son from ever popular the Roxy family.

Estimating future revenue from reproduction is difficult. The value of a pregnancy can have multiple definitions, but what is the value of a cow conceiving TODAY? Regardless of dairy size – 50, 100 or 10,000 cows – the value of a pregnancy affects the farm bottom line.

Ask your local Jetstream Genetics representative about these Reprojet Sires or visit for further details.

Jetstream Genetics provides breed-defining sires through the technology of genomics, from deep-pedigreed cow families, high numbers, extreme type, extreme production, Red, Polled, and the best sires that combine these attributes. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream Genetics secures the most sought-after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers, allowing them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.

For more information, go to: or call 1.855.4JETSTREAM (855-453-8787).


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