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Jetstream Genetics Declares VICTORY With Standout New Release Sire
June 18, 2015

Madison, Wis. — 534HO00037 IHG VICTORY-ET is the first among several new sires being released from Jetstream Genetics LLC the next few weeks. The much-anticipated VICTORY release is an attraction for both breeders and sire analysts with his standout +2557 GTPI and +3268 GLPI. This makes VICTORY the #2 GTPI and the #1 GLPI AltaOak son.

VICTORY has the genetic profile of a mainstay with a famously reliable pedigree. He descends from six generations of Very Good and Excellent dams laddering up to the matriarch, Chief Adeen: AltaOAK x VG87 EXMS 2-year-old Supersire x VG87 Shottle x EX91 Goldwyn x EX92 DOM Outside x EX94 DOM MS Kingstead Chief Adeen.

His impressive 2-year-old dam, Farnear-TBR-BH Vickie, recently scored VG87 EXMS. She is a dairyman’s dream with test days over 120 pounds. Production comes easily from this wide-chested young cow. She exudes dairy strength and balance, with great feet and legs, correct rump structure and a well-attached, nicely textured fore udder and high, wide rear udder.

VICTORY is one of the few available sires that is a leader for production, productive life and more than 2 points on type. His pleasing breakdowns are +2557 GTPI, +1976 Milk, +5.9 PL, +2.03 Type. VICTORY semen qualifies for all international markets.

Ask your local Jetstream Genetics representative about VICTORY or visit for details.

Jetstream Genetics provides breed-defining sires through the technology of genomics, from deep-pedigreed cow families, high numbers, extreme type, extreme production, Red, Polled, and the best sires that combine these attributes. In a rapidly changing and evolving AI marketplace, Jetstream Genetics secures the most sought-after genetics and offers competitive and favorable contracts for customers, allowing them their greatest return. Jetstream Genetics is the catalyst in moving genetics forward.

For more information, go to: or call 1.855.4JETSTREAM (855-453-8787).


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