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Jersey Takes Home Third Supreme Championship at NZ Dairy Event
January 30, 2016

The winner of the top ribbon at this year’s dairy event has won the supreme championship twice before.

Ferdon Comerica Viyella, a 7 year-old Jersey was named this year’s top cow out of the 370 entrants. View show results on Cowsmo.

She was owned by the Ferguson family, at Otorohanga. The stud was Ferdon Genetics.

Owner Warren Ferguson said she was a top cow, winning prizes each year she had been at the event.

“Judges like that she is just so correct. Everything is where it should be.

“She has been coming each year. We untie her, she walks to get food, then comes back to her stall. She knows the ropes. Cows are smart.”

Ferguson said Viyella’s daughter was junior champion who had prize-winning calves. Her mother had also been a winner, so she had good genetics.

Ferdon Comerica Viyella is the only Jersey to win the supreme all breeds championship more than one. She won in 2012, 2015 and this year. Five past winners were Holstein Friesians.

“She has been special all her life. A one-off. She has been at the Dairy Event every year since she was a calf. From a calf to an aged cow.”

He said winning was kudos for the stud, which brought 11 cows in milk and 10 young stock to the event.

“For a cow to do it three times, just shows how special and good she is. Just winning once is a big thing. But three times shows how great she is.”

Ferguson said this could be Viyella’s last year at the Dairy Event.

“She’s got nothing to prove. She was junior champion, intermediate champion, twice senior champion four times and supreme Jersey five times. She’ll probably bow out while she is on top.”

By Jill Galloway


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