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Introducing Loveman Accelerated Genetics’ Newest Sire
May 23, 2016

Accelerated Genetics is pleased to add a new addition to its strong Holstein sire lineup.

The new bull 014HO07822 Jim-Mar-D LOVEMAN, is a Monterey son that excels in many areas and is ranked a Top Five genomic Type sire in the breed. He is bred by James Davenport, Adairville, KY.

His family spells type. LOVEMAN’s dam is Golden-Oaks Mog Lovebird-ET a Very Good-86 Mogul daughter.

She was previously ranked as Top 50 PTAT cow in the breed. The next dam is Whittier-Cf Atwood Love-ET. She is an Excellent-91 Atwood daughter that had a tremendous first lactation record at 1-11 of 30,930 milk, 995 fat, and 958 protein. She was previously ranked as a Top 20 PTAT cow in the breed.

The third dam is an Excellent-94 Shottle, Calbrett Shottle Lucy-ET. Her best record is at 5-05 of 32,680 milk, 1177 fat, and 996 protein.
LOVEMAN is a conformation specialist, his linears are excellent, and he should weld on udders. He spells type with his +3.70 PTAT, +3.03 UDC and +2.32 FLC. Further he will add milk and components to the bulk tank with these exciting production numbers: +1426 PTAM, +62 PTAF and +37 PTAP.
LOVEMAN is the ideal sire for herds looking to boost the milk production while adding eye-pleasing style.

Allow LOVEMAN to impact your herd by contacting your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, calling 1-800-451-9275, emailing HERE or going to HERE.


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