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Interbull Annual Meeting precedes ADSA-ASAS Joint Annual Meeting
May 19, 2015

BOWIE, MARYLAND (May 19, 2015) – Interbull invites stakeholders in bovine genetics to attend the 2015 Interbull Annual Meeting, July 9-11, in Orlando, Fla. This event precedes the 2015 Joint Annual Meeting (JAM) of American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)-American Society of Animal Science (ASAS), July 12-16, at Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando.

During the Interbull Open Session, presenters will discuss genetic/genomic evaluation methods, national and international genetic and genomic evaluations, national genetic evaluation of disease and welfare traits, new genomically defined traits and genetic defects, and using SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) in parentage studies.

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDCB), Interbull’s U.S. representative, is sponsoring the “Use of genomics to improve limited and novel phenotypes in animal breeding” session. This session, scheduled on July 12, from 2 to 5 p.m., addresses precision farm and computing technologies. These technologies are revealing an increasing number of novel phenotypes in the poultry, swine, beef and dairy industries, and are becoming available for research and application in breeding programs. This symposium will provide an update on novel phenotypes currently being collected and their potential applications in poultry, swine, beef and dairy management programs.

Invited speakers and their topics include: Rachel Hawken – Cobb strategy to exploit genomics in poultry commercial flocks for health traits; Kent Gray – Application of genomic technologies to improve feed efficiency traits in swine; Matthew Cleveland – The role of genomics in the development of novel phenotype-based products in the beef industry; Richard Spellman – The impact of genomic technologies in the selection of novel phenotypes in dairy crossbreeding programs; and Jacques Chesnais – Using genomics to enhance selection for novel traits in North American dairy cattle.

Interbull is accepting abstracts through June 12. For more information regarding paper submission, go to: The final program will be posted on the Interbull web site on June 26.
The Interbull Annual Meeting requires a separate registration fee from JAM. Information regarding registration, costs and hotel reservations are available on the JAM web site at: Register by June 19 to secure the lowest registration fees still available.

“CDCB leaders encourage U.S. livestock breeders, industry partners, researchers and students to interact with international partners from more than 30 countries to learn from their experiences and knowledge,” says João Dürr, Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding chief executive officer. “These joint meetings provide a great opportunity to exchange information on the latest developments in dairy cattle genetic and genomic evaluations.”

CDCB conducts genetic evaluations for economically important traits of dairy cattle. The CDCB allied partners cooperator database is the largest in the world, which is devoted to dairy animals, with approximately 70 million female phenotypic records and more than 300,000 males receiving genetic evaluations or genomic predictions.


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