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Indianapolis 500 Tradition Valuable to Dairy Industry
May 27, 2017

The leader of the Dairy Business Association says milk’s place in the Indianapolis 500 auto race is a tradition that’s important to the industry.

Indianapolis 500 Tradition Valuable to Dairy Industry

Dairy Business Association President Mike North

President Mike North says it’s always nice when you see an event like the Indianapolis 500 that’s closely followed by a very broad demographic to be promoting dairy.  “That promotion is always well received by the dairy industry and certainly one that we hope can continue to spell out the health benefits and nutritional value of not just fluid milk, but all dairy products.”

The winner of the race not only gets the trophy, but also a big, cold bottle of milk.  It’s a winner’s circle event that first happened 84 years ago, but became an annual tradition in 1956.  The American Dairy Association of Indiana arranges the winner’s milk delivery each year, and they promote dairy products through the Fastest Rookie program.

By: Larry Lee
Source: Brownfield Ag News


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