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India Shuts Down 129 Year Old Military Dairy Farm
July 14, 2018

Rendered redundant by the free availability of packed pasteurised milk, the 129-year-old military dairy farm situated in Chauphatka area ofthe city-the oldest in the country-will soon be closed down.

Established In 1889. the dairy farm is one of the 25 military dairy farms to be closed by the Union ministry of defence. Sources said that the farm is expected to be closed in the next three months, after all formalities are completed.

The issue had first suriaced in 1992-93, when the defence ministry had claimed that cattle rearing was not the core responsibility for the Indian Army and the army should provide packed milk, freely available in the market, to the soldiers. The final orders for the closure of the dairy farms came in May, 2017 and the orders are being implemented now.

The farm is home to many cows, including 550 cows of the Frieswal breed. These animals would be handed over to Sudha, a milk co-operative unit of the Bihar state government, at a nominal cost of Rs 1,000 per cow.

Sudha, owned by Bihar State Milk Co-operative Federation Ltd has, also shown interest in buying the cattle at military dairy farms in Ranchi. The co-operative of Uttrakhand government would be buying cows from the other four military farms in the state, including those in Lucknow, Meerut, Agra and Bareilly. No cooperative has yet shown interest in the military dairy farm at Jhansi. “The co-operative from Bihar government has approached us and after they deposit the money, cows would be shifted and the farm would be shut,” said in charge of the farm, Lt Col Gyan Prakash.

Source: The Times of India



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