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Holstein UK Teams Gain European Recognition
June 28, 2016

The UK had a very successful show at the European Championships in Colmar, France, taking home four seconds, one third and one fifth, with all of the UK animals coming in the top 10 of their individual classes.

The 15-strong team of UK cows travelled to Colmar to compete against 14 other European countries in the Holstein Championships in order to showcase the best of British genetics on the European platform.

The UK success began on the afternoon of Friday 17th June with the Red and White Holstein section, judged by Jaume Serrabassa-Vila from Spain.

Taking the initial second placing in a class of 15 Red & Whites was the junior heifer in-milk, Knowlesmere Destry Dream Red from A & J Whittaker.

The UK Knowlesmere herd continued their success in the intermediate cow in-milk class with Knowlesmere Adventure Dream Red placing third in a strong Red and White Holstein section.

The Black and White Holsteins were judged on Saturday 18th June, with Markus Mock from Germany officiating and the UK team took home their next second place rosette with Wyndford Atwood Grey 90 from Wilfred Maddocks Ltd in the intermediate heifer in-milk class.

Newbirks Jazz 1584, owned by R & E Butterfield, also took home a second place in the senior second calver class.

Illens Atwood Australia from Messrs A and C Laird was the fourth Holstein to be placed second in the strong third calver class with Sahara Sanchez Ambrosia 3 from Riverdane Holsteins being awarded fifth place.

UK Results
Red & White

Junior 1

  1. Knowlesmere Destry Dream Red

Junior 2

  1. Parkend Director Starlet Red

Senior 1

  1. Knowlesmere Adventure Dream Red


Black & White

Junior 1

  1. Woodhey Atwood Sally

Junior 2

  1. Wyndford Atwood Grey 90

Junior 3

  1. Riverdane SVS Atlee

Intermediate 1

  1. Icow Huddlesford Princess

Intermediate 2

  1. Newbirks Jazz 1584
  2. Icow Huddlesford Hedwig

Intermediate 3

  1. Riverdane Sid Jolie

Senior 2

  1. Illens Atwood Australia
  2. Sahara Sanchez Ambrosia 3

Senior 3

  1. Berryholme Infloence Linda 3


European Youth Championships

Youth representatives, James Doherty and Jonny Woodhouse, were also showcasing the best of Holstein UK’s Holstein Young Breeder programme in the European Youth Championships.

Competing against 32 other European countries, and being judged on their clipping and showmanship skills, the UK duo came a notable second in the overall European Youth Championships, with both James and Jonny winning their respective clipping sections.

UK Results

Junior Clipping

  1. Jonny Woodhouse

Junior Showmanship

  1. Jonny Woodhouse

Junior Overall

  1. Jonny Woodhouse


Senior Clipping

  1. James Doherty

Senior Showmanship

  1. James Doherty

Senior Overall

  1. James Doherty


European Youth Championships Competition

  1. James Doherty and Jonny Woodhouse



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