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Holstein UK signs the NFU’s Back British Farming campaign
January 27, 2015

Our mission at Holstein UK is to lead, advance and promote the profitability and welfare of the Holstein and British Friesian through genetic improvement programs and services. Whilst this is often integral to the survival of British dairy businesses, it is of vital importance that the British agricultural economy is stabilised in order to put a stop to the industry decline.

Over the last decade we have seen our membership decline by nearly 2,000 from 8,464 to 6,499.  Naturally there are other reasons for leaving but in the main, the key reason is that it is becoming increasingly difficult to sustain a dairy farm.

As a result, we are losing both the small traditional farmers and commercial farmers producing milk in bulk. Neither are safe right now. Fifty-seven of our members cancelled their membership from 1st January 2015 alone, a concerning indication of how many members may consider shutting up shop this year.

Farmers represent 1% of the British population. Industry leaders and Societies such as ourselves need to educate the consumer that economical issues such as: over production; the Russian trade ban; dry milk oversupply in China; some supermarkets buying milk on the open market; low cereal prices; and even the good weather last year are strangulating our dairy farmers out of business.

By 2050 there will be a demand for 60% more food. If we do not back our farmers now, Britain will become increasingly self insufficient.

Britain must make sure we are “fit for the future”, so raising consumer awareness NOW in any way we can is crucial.

This is why Holstein UK are proud to sign the Back British Farming Charter, and will be doing all we can to ensure Britain’s buy British.


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