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Gold Luster’s Beemer Daughter Sells in the World Classic!
September 30, 2016

Quality Holsteins, along with their partners, are sending a foundation female for your herd to the World Classic! Selling is a +3.35PTAT +16Conformation Beemer from Bosdale Gold Luster VG89, with four generations of EX dams from the Idee Lustre family! Quality Beemer Lust sells with tremendous embryo & bull interest, and is ready to flush!

Gold Luster's Beemer Daughter Sells
Quality Holsteins, LTD
Paul & Ari Ekstein
Vaughn, ON
Ari Cell: 416.725.8733

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A Foundation Female!
Lot 1…Quality Beemer Lust-ET…Born December 27, 2015
+3.35PTAT  +16 Conformation!

Lust is a December Beemer daughter of Bosdale Gold Luster VG89, the 2014 All-Canadian Junior 2 Year Old. Luster hails from four generations of Excellents from the deep family of Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion Idee Lustre EX95-3E and Ravenswell Lydia EX92.

There is tremendous interest in both embryos and bulls from Lust! She is ready to flush and start making high-number sons and daughters for you!

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Consigned with:
Francesco Bertola
Toronto, ON

Beckridge Holsteins
Glenn & Ahsley Beckett
Keswick, ON
Glen Cell: 647.223.4536

Dupasquier Farms
Oscar & Eric Dupasquier
Guelph, ON
Eric Cell: 519.829.9732

The dam of Lot 1…Quality Beemer Lust-ET!

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2016 Grand Champion Ontario Summer Show

2016 Grand Champion Ontario Summer Show

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