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Glaus A Class Act with Elite GTPI®
January 29, 2016

Accelerated Genetics is thrilled to announce the release of a prestigious GeneFORCE sire, 014HO07700 Hy-Jo-De Troy GLAUS-ET. He is an early Troy son that brings elite GTPI at +2692. GLAUS’ dam is Hy-Jo-De Uno Lucille-ET, an exciting young cow. Following her is Hy-Jo-De Observer Lilla-ET VG-85 and then Roz-Acres Shottle Lora-ET VG-88, the dam of PACE proven sire 014HO06854 Loren. 

GLAUS is a true class act as he excels in all health traits and all the merit indices. His Productive Life is extreme at +8.7 and he has a very low somatic cell score at 2.65. GLAUS’ fertility traits are impressive as well with +4.2 DPR, +3.6 HCR, +5.0 CCR. Plus, he is a calving ease specialist with 7.2% SCE. Further, GLAUS is a solid type sire with +2.46 PTAT, great udders with +2.48 UDC, and desirable feet and legs with +2.32 FLC.

GLAUS is a great addition for any operation. He should sire daughters that are moderate in size, have great udders and stand on a correct set of feet and legs. Add GLAUS to your herd today by contacting your local Accelerated Genetics sales representative, calling 1-800-451-9275, emailing or going to


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