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Get the Biggest Bang for Your Internet Advertising Dollar on COWSMO!
September 5, 2016

Do you have something that people need to hear about? Look no further than a banner ad on Cowsmo! This is a great opportunity to reach over 100,000 viewers on our website…and more on social media! All this exposure can be yours, simply…easily…and for a great price!
1 week…$150
2 weeks… $250

Contact us soon! Space this fall is limited!
Lexi Wright…403-862-5600
Frank Putman…315-783-4790

Claire Swale
Danielle Nauman…608-487-1101

The BIGGEST BANG for your Buck!
– Banner advert on home page  (small sliders to right of big sliders or Rotating GIF banners under the main slider)
– Facebook shares of the page we set up with contact information and any promotional material you want on the page set up.  We now have over 173,000 Likes on our Cowsmo facebook page and over 4500 followers on Twitter
-Reposted news post on the product (your information, at least twice throughout the 2 weeks) coming up on the main news feed on the home page.


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