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Gaige Highlight Tamara is the US National Holstein Convention Logo Girl
February 23, 2016

Mention of Gaige Highlight Tamara (4E-97 DOM) brought a decisive vote during a National Convention logo discussion.

Gaige Highlight Tamara EX97-4E-DOM

Gaige Highlight Tamara EX97-4E-DOM

Tamara’s type and progeny package is a Holstein Charm, born and bred in Schoharie County, NY by David and Donna Gaige and family.

Tamara scored 97 points, twice. Her breakdowns included a score of 100 in body capacity, frame and dairy character, 97 for feet and legs and 93 in the udder.

Tamara is one of three EX97 Holstein cows from New York, and was the 28th overall in US History.

A tribute highly sought after by Holstein breeders, Best-Bred and Owned, was awarded to the Gaige Family at the NY State Fair and World Dairy Expo in 2004.

Tamara has 96 progeny that includes 16 EX daughters sired by eight sires and at least 27 VG daughters. With Tamara’s passing at 16 years (b. 10/8/95), her type legacy extended recently with her granddaughter, Lismore GW Atwood Tammy classifying EX-93 at Oakfield Corners.


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