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French Holstein Breeder’s Association and Charolaise Herd-Book Association announce creation of Symbiose
November 11, 2017

French Holstein Breeder’s Association (PHF) and Charolaise Herd-Book Association (HBC) announce the creation of the association SYMBIOSE.

In line with the economic issues of the livestock world and the implementation of the new European zootechnical regulation, SYMBIOSE aims to pool resources for the benefit of research and innovation.

Like a French CUMA (Cooperative Use of Agricultural Equipment), this non-profit association will allow the pooling of resources and skills in order to create and share the development of software and technologies for breeders.

First initiated by the two largest breeds in France, this association aim to welcome other organisations who agree with this spirit of mutualisation and innovation.

symbiose-president-2Bruno BECHET, chairman of PHF and vice-chairman of SYMBIOSE declares: « Our association PHF has in its genes this notion of mutualisation in the interest of breeders. It is therefore natural to amplify this mutualisation by turning towards other races, and to create today SYMBIOSE »

Pascal LANGEVIN, chairman of HBC explains « this association show that whatever the breed, the trade of breeder is in perpetual evolution and technologies offer us today new possibilities to develop connected tools which will become real decision-making tool for breeders ».

Sébastien CLUZEL, HBC secretary-general and chairman of Symbiose, declares:
« Thanks to SYMBIOSE we have today of a real working tool which allows us to associate and take advantage of our knowledge for in a one hand answer to our breeders needs and on the other hand get the possibility to develop together major projects. »

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