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Four Newcomers Penetrate Top LPI Lists for Brown Swiss Bulls and Cows
December 6, 2016

The highest young sire graduate last round, Cozy Nook Twilight Twin, gains 161 points to take over #1 LPI spot, just ahead of his sire, R N R Payoff Brookings ET, who remains at #2 LPI.

After receiving his first official LPI last round, the former breed leader, Payssli ET, slips slightly into #3 LPI position but remains ahead of R Hart V A Alimony ET at #4 LPI. Schamaun BS Gordon Glenn ET (Gordon x Star) climbs the LPI ladder from #8 spot to complete the list of Top 5 LPI this round. In terms of sires with their first official LPI this round, four manage to enter the Top 25 LPI ranks. The highest of these, Olsons Mel Zeus Mojo ET, lands at #12 LPI and is a full brother to Millenium (#10 LPI) and Motown (#13 LPI). Jobo Wonder Bosephus ET (Wonderment x AltaPronto) is the highest young sire graduate arriving at #18 LPI. Both Nolandale Wonderment Raven (Wonderment x AltaRansom) and Gubelman Delegate (Vasir x Vigor) debut tied at #23 LPI. For cows, there are also four elite individuals making an outstanding debut, entering the Top 10 GLPI list as newly indexed cows this round. The highest of these is Gubelman Driver Belle (Driver x Vigor) at #4 GLPI (#7 Milk, #4 Protein). She arrives just behind the same trio of breed leaders from last round but now with Shady Lane Swiss Brkngs Alpha taking #1 GLPI, Gubelman Juhus Crystal at #2 GLPI and Nor Bella Paul Eve still in #3 GLPI position. Gubelman Brookings Claire stays solid and completes the Top 5 GLPI list remaining in #5 spot. Three other newly indexed cows penetrate the Top 10 GLPI list as Milec Brookings Isabella (Brookings x Power Surge, #3 Milk, tied #9 Protein), Milec Brookings Barbie (Brookings x Red Brae Prelude Zeus, #9 Milk) and Sigview Vasa Bacardi (Vasa x Prossli, #2 Fat, tied #6 Protein) debut at #8, #9 and #10 GLPI, respectively.


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