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Four Generations Scored on One Day in British Columbia
June 2, 2016

Four generations of Holsteins were recently scored at the Elmbridge/Nicrest herd of Peter Tuytel  and Nicole Parkinson in Chilliwack, BC, on May 20th.

Four GenerationsNicrest Patrick Ace Tasha was scored EX90-93MS-3E in her fifth lactation.  She is a Nicrest Gibson Tommy daughter from a VG87 Rubens.

Tasha’s daughter, Nicrest Patrick Ace Truffle was scored EX91-3E. Truffle is an Elmbridge Domino daughter.

There were two daughters of Truffle appraised by the classifier. Nicrest Patrick Ace Taffy was scored EX92-2E. Taffy is a Mesland Duplex daughter. Her sister, Nicrest Patrick Ace Tidbit, sired by Pine-Tree Sid, scored EX90-91MS.

Rounding out the fourth generation is a two-year-old Atwood daughter of Taffy, Nicrest Patrick Ace Tessa, who scored VG86.

All five cows were bred by Nicole. Congratulations to her and Peter and on their breeding successes and longevity, having four milking generations of this family in their herd.


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