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Fonterra Seeks Partners To Set Up A One Stop Cheese Shop
September 8, 2016

New Zealand’s largest dairy company is seeking partners to set up a one stop cheese shop in a tiny Taranaki town.

Fonterra Brands has sought proposals from parties interested in creating and managing a retail cheese store in the country’s cheese capital of Eltham.

The company operates an outlet at its manufacturing site in the South Taranaki town but wants to develop a more visible business.

“FBNZ wishes to create a more prominent store presence in Eltham, that better delivers to the consumer demand and is seeking partners to deliver to this opportunity,” a public advertisement said.

A Fonterra Brands spokesperson said: “The shop is a popular attraction in Eltham but is on a side road and currently has no signage.

“There is local interest in the shop being open longer hours and at weekends, and we are asking for expressions of interest from people wanting to showcase Fonterra products through a standalone store on Eltham’s main street.

“We are excited about the prospect of creating a more prominent store presence in Eltham that will provide a better experience for customers.”

In May the popular cut price cheese shop fell victim to Fonterra’s push for cost efficiency and low-cost cheese deals were cut.

The small shop had been credited with attracting a large number of visitors to Eltham and generations of Taranaki families had made stopping there, with big orders, part of any drive through the town.In the past it was common to be able to purchase small rounds of camembert and brie for $1 and wedges of blue cheese for around $2.

Fonterra operates two factories in Eltham that produce a variety of cheeses including parmesan and sliced cheeses.  Submissions close on October 14 at 5pm.

By: Leighton Keith


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