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First Milk Confirms an Increase in Milk Prices
August 1, 2016

First Milk has confirmed that it will increase its A prices by up to 1.25ppl (pence per litre), as well as lifting its B price by 5ppl.

In his letter to members today, chairman Clive Sharpe said: “Baskets mechanisms for our cheese pools have allowed us to lift prices by 1.25ppl across August & September (0.75ppl for August + 0.5ppl for September) and we believe it is likely that the September increase could rise further.

“Having moved our B price up 2ppl for July, we were keen to raise this further to reflect the strength of improving market returns.

“We are therefore increasing our B price by a further 5ppl to 20ppl from 1st August and hope that this will allow members the opportunity to benefit from producing more marginal litres.”

First Milk chief executive Mike Gallacher added: “The progress made over the last year at First Milk allows us to continue to move our prices as the market improves. The steep progress on the B price indicates the positive direction of travel we see in the market. Clearly our members need to see further improvement in prices and we will be passing improvements on as rapidly as possible.”

Source – The Dairy Site


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