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Ferme Blondin Shares Classification Results
February 28, 2017

Ferme Blondin of Saint-Placide, QC enjoyed a successful day with the Holstein Canada classifier recently.

After a revisit from the classifier, Ferme Blondin has some great results to share, including 27 new VG-2YR olds!

Blondin Monterey Cayo Coco-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Sid Keira-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Joyride Lottery-VG-87-2YR
Boisblanc Soprano Fantasia-VG-87-2YR
Extondable Braille Bianca-VG-87-2YR
Quinndale Doorman Joaner-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Sid Jazz-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Goldwyn Beethoven-VG-86-2YR
Blondin DaVinci Appletini-VG-86-2YR
Boisblanc Sid Venise-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Atwood Jellybean-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Windbreak Lizzie-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Epic Calamari-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Doorman Covergirl-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Careyprice Dallas-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Goldwyn Reena-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Cancun Ava-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Racer Cranberry-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Atwood Lovesong-VG-85-2YR
Belle-Riviere Impres Salvador-VG-85-2YR
Don-Hope Brawl Sasha-VG-85-2YR
Elrecois Reginald Florenge-VG-85-2YR
Idee Goldwyn Lizette-VG-85-2YR
Kawartha Brawler Crystal-VG-85-2YR
Ranchdale Attorney Texto-VG-85-2YR
Regwall Atwood Laurette-VG-85-2YR
Vriesdale Embargo Little Girl-VG-85-2YR

Musthaven Goldwyn Jaelyn P-VG-89-3YR
Blondin Goldwyn Shine-VG-88-3YR
Blondin Aftershock Borduas-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Aftershock Latisha-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Uno Isabella-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Windbreak Adore-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Attitude Sany Red-VG-87-3YR
ADI009 Mr Burns Avery Red-VG-87-3YR
Helmcrest Alexander Hope-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Aftershock Lolita-VG-85-3YR

Blondin Windbreak Chang-EX-93
Blondin Braxton Kansas-EX-93-2E
Blondin Goldwyn Samara-EX-92-3E
Blondin Goldwyn Beautifully-EX-92-3E-2*
Belle-Riviere Virginia-EX-93
Tolamika Sid Adorable-EX-92
Hicklee Goldwyn Nellie-EX-91

July 2016 Classification
At the end of the day, the herd includes 18 new VG two year olds, and five three year olds that are new VG-89 maximum lactation score, along with a special group of new EX cows.
Highlights include:

VG-1st Calf
Blondin Lotus Sweety-Red-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Absolute Lady-Red-VG-87-2YR
Cyrmo Windbreak Budweiser-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Atwood Azalea-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Ohare P Blanche-P-VG-86-2YR (polled)
Blondin Uno Daytime-VG-86-2YR
Gouldhaven Sweenview 45 Lexi-Red-VG-86-2YR
Symgwatys Chelios Shania-VG-86-2YR
Blondin TJR Galaxy Amor-VG-85-2YR
Mystique Enforcer Chara-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Atwood Loveable-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Fever Cambodge-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Uno Bubbles-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Aftershock Luby-VG-85-2YR
Blindin Doorman Calet-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Aftershock Latisha-VG-85-2YR
Budjon-JK Heztry Ezalea-VG-85-2yr
Elm Lane Tahoe Silver-VG-85-2YR

VG-2nd Calf
Walkerbrae Doorman Locket-VG-89-3YR (Max)
Calbrett Acme Sprinkle-VG-89-3YR*RC (Max) – daughter of SALLY
Jeanlu Stanleycup Alexis-VG-89-3YR (Max)
Mabel Fever Divinare-VG-89-3YR (Max)
Tolamika Sid Adorable-VG-89-3YR (Max)
Blondin Atwood Sugar-VG-88-3YR
Chubanna Lavengaurd Hilda-VG-88-3YR
KHW Shamrock Acelyn-VG-88*RC
Blondin Goldwyn Sable-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Goldwyn Cassidy-VG-87-3YR
Cobequid Slone Sensation-VG-87-3YR
Calbrett Alexander Liza-VG-87-3YR
Blondin Goldwyn Joyful-VG-86-3YR
MS Abrianna Goldace 2351-VG-3YR

3rd Lactation
Blondin Destry Sally-Red-EX-93
Blondin Goldwyn Kally-EX-93
Outaouais Sid Hailey-EX-91
Vriesdale Reginard Littleone-EX-91
Blondin Shottle Gaza-EX

4+ Lactations
Blondin Goldwyn Spectra-EX-94-3E
Mystique Goldwyn Boreale-EX-94-2E
Milksource Dundee Lovin-EX-2E
Results posted OCTOBER 27, 2015:
Ferme Blondin is excited to share some great classification results, pending a return visit for a few more individuals. Highlights include:

Butlerview Atwood Worth-VG-87-2YR (Sells in the Sale of Stars!)
Jeanlu Stanleycup Alexis-VG-87-2YR
Blondin Aftershock Lorelie-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Aaron Royal-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Fever Bikasa-VG-86-2YR
Blondin Goldwyn Cassidy-VG-86-2YR
Calbrett Goldwyn Magic-VG-86-2YR
EDG Miki Martha 2020-VG-86-2YR
Glengarry Chelios Annamae-VG-86-2YR
Jacobs Jordan Carmel-VG-86-2YR
Morsan Earnhardt Blarney P-VG-86-2yr (Polled Missy)
MS Apple Orchard-VG-86-2YR (Uno X Apple)
Blondin Aaron Starsky-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Aftershock Spectrum-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Atwood Sugar-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Cashmoney Claudie-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Gold Chip Capucine-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Goldwyn Jeannine-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Goldwyn Sapphire-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Mascalese Jessica-VG-85-2YR
Blondin McCutchen Amazing-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Windbrook Adore-VG-85-2YR
Blondin Uno Isabella-VG-85-2YR
Arnita Mascalese Majesty-VG-85-2YR
Butlerview Let It Shine-VG-85-2YR
Calbrett Alexander Liza-VG-85-2YR
Guayclair Goldwyn Tanante-VG-85-2YR
Kenmatten Garrett Sandy-VG-85-2YR
Mactalla Dorcy Ignite-VG-85-2YR
Rightstar Seaver Ella-VG-85-2YR
Speek-NJ Disney-VG-85-2YR

VG-2nd Calf +/TB 2+ LACTATIONS
Blondin Redliner Rosetta-Red-VG-88
Blondin Sid Shadow-VG-88
Blondin Sid Sugarbaby-VG-88
Crestomere Atwood Lillian-VG-88
Gilperro Amecie Sid-VG-88
Hicklee Goldwyn Nellie-VG-88
Vriesdale Reginard Littleone-VG-88
Blondin Sid Symphony-VG-87
East River Friscallie-VG-87
Mapel Wood Windbrook Liberty-VG-87
Ryan-Crest Arm Exquisite-VG-87
Blondin Shottle Gaza-VG-86
Helmcrest Braxton Leona-VG-86
Blondin Baxter Sara-VG-85

Blondin Goldwyn Kimono-EX-93
Blondin Man O Man Arkansas-EX-93
Abbedale B G Linda-EX-91
Dalmeny Braxton Fabiana-EX-91
Willdina Fever Degrees-EX-91


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