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Embryo Fundraiser for Logan Chalack Raises $23,000
January 6, 2016

Once again, the dairy industry has come together to help one of our own in need. The Embryo Fundraiser held to benefit Logan Chalack in his cancer battle raised a grand total of $23,000 on top three embryo lots.

As with any fight against cancer there are times of stress, pain, and anxiety. Money should be the last thing that anyone needs to worry about during these difficult times. 100% of the proceeds raised are being given to Logan and his family to help with the incurring costs while this cancer is beaten.

Final Purchase Prices are as follows:

Lot A:  sold for $2500/embryo, purchased by Balgonie & Mil-En-Roy at $7500 for package)

3 Reverse Sort IVF Doorman Embryos X Smithden Goldwyn Alexandra EX 94 15*

Doorman embryo’s from one of the truest breeding cow families in Canada. 15 Stars is only the beginning for Alexandra, a can’t miss opportunity!!





Lot B: sold for $2500/embryo, purchased by Slapshot Genetics

3 Reverse Sort IVF Archrival Embryos X Robella Dundee Eden EX 1*

Maternal Sister to Lot B- Robella Goldwyn Edgely

Maternal Sister to Lot B- Robella Goldwyn Edgely

Archrival maternal sisters to the 1st Sr 3 and Res Int. Champion of the Royal Winter Fair – Robella Goldwyn Edgely VG-88! Sisters to Edgely at Robella are standouts, this is an opportunity to make one that is BIG TIME!!







Lot C: sold for $2500/embyro, purchased by Westcoast

HF31520 Huntsdale Shottle Crusade

4 Monterey Embryos X Huntsdale Shottle Crusade EX-94 3E
Crusade’s first 6 milking daughters average 85 points as two year olds. Making an eight year old record of 16 500 4.7% BF, there isn’t much this 2X Res All-Western hasn’t done at Benbie Holsteins.



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