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Electronic Registration removes the requirement to maintain the on-farm bovine herd register
January 26, 2015

Almost 50% of the 2.14 million calves born last year were registered electronically.

Minister Coveney said that this represented a record level of electronic calf registrations and added that online registration benefits farmers in a number of ways.

“An electronic herd register removes the requirement to maintain the on-farm bovine herd register, known as the “blue book”. The use of AIM to register calves electronically provides a unique opportunity for farmers with home computers to use AIM as an electronic herd register,” he said. “The online electronic herd register (also) reduces paperwork, errors and the risk of financial penalties arising at cross compliance inspections.”

Calves can be registered electronically using the Department’s online service or an approved farm management package. Farmers can avail of the electronic herd register by registering with the Department at and use the AIM system to register calves and to move animals privately from farm to farm.

Farmers need to tag calves within 20 days of birth (or earlier before the calf leaves the holding) and to register calf births within seven days of tagging.


Source: Irish Farmers Journal


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