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Drinkable water created from manure?
September 29, 2015

A farm has found a way to extract clean “drinkable” water from manure.

Although the manager at Shiloh Dairy farm in Wisconsin said it would not be advisable to consume too much of the recycled water that had been extracted from the animal dung, he did confirm that it was fit for human consumption.

Using state of the art technology to remove infectious agents from manure the dairy has been able to extract clean water which it has been using for cleaning and keeping cattle cool for the past year.

The recycling process has also produced a concentrated nutrient-rich fertilizer which the dairy farmers can use.

General Manager Gordon Speirs said: “We don’t have to run our water wells as much, we can take the water out of our water stream and reuse it, that just makes good sense.”

Source: ITV news


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